The building at 8 & 16 Spring Street went through a compliance review and discovered that certain areas required an upgrade to comply with current Australian Standards. MMX was engaged in a Lump Sum Contract by CBRE to upgrade the existing fire stairs and the surrounding areas in the lobby.

The works were constructed over nights to avoid any disruption to the general public. In addition, During the works, the COVID-19 pandemic had arrived in Australia. MMX quickly managed the situation by providing hand sanitisers on site, wearing a face mask, temperature testing and ensuring that sub-contractors were working in different areas during construction to minimise the spread. Despite the constraints of night shift and the pandemic, MMX was still able to complete the project within the allocated 10 weeks.

Project Value

Creatures of Habitat Studio

Contract Type
Lump Sum

Client: CBRE

Date: 10 weeks

Project: Compliance Upgrade

Location: Spring Street, Sydney